There has to be a safer and more efficient Minoxidil recipe.

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Follixil is NOT another Minoxidil recipe that you will test. It's the one you will LOVE and stick with, or ALL your money back!

Traditional Minoxidil Recipes

Might cause irritation

Dandruff and itchiness

Plain and basic formulations

+30 minute for full absorption

Impossible to style your hair

Follixil Unique Formulation

95% reduced skin-related side effects

NO dandruff or itchiness

Extra recipe empowering ingredients

MAX 1 minute fully absorbed

Simple hair styling post-application

Our Guarantees

90-Day Money Back

If you're not satisfied with the results obtained from our products and programs.

Academy Access

FREE educational hair loss and beard growth courses done by @thehairlossdude

24/7/365 Support

Specially trained Trichologists that are ready to help you on your hair journey.

The results speak for themselves...

We asked our customers to tell us about their results after using Follixil for 12 weeks 👇


Notice baby hair in the first month.


Of customers experience no side effects.


Increase in thickness of the hair.

Helping + 1 Million customers annually to BOOST their scalp and beard Follicles.