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Follixil 5% Minoxidil - Lotion

$49.99 USD

Under 1 minute absorption & easy hair style.

Reduced skin-related side effects by 95%.

Infused with extra recipe empowering ingredients.

90 DAYS GUARANTEE The hair loss process takes longer than 30 days, so should the guarantees.


Product description

  • ¬†Minoxidil reduces its skin-related side effects by over 95%.

  • For best results, use it twice daily by applying it directly on the contact area's skin surface.

  • Must Know Before Ordering - The product is slightly oily and has a mild alcohol scent.

  • Maximize Anagen Stage - With constant use, Follixil helps prolong the hair growth cycle.

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Follixil 5% Minoxidil - Lotion

Main Features

Easy Application

Comes with a dropper for a smooth & mess-free experience.

Fast Drying

It dries and absorbs fast for maximum efficiency. (1 minute)

Convenient Styling

Easily style your hair after absorption. No more hats because of Minoxidil.

There has to be a safer and more efficient Minoxidil recipe.

Follicle icon Follicle icon

Meet the recipe that embodies years of passion, research, trial & error, and innovation.

Traditional Minoxidil Recipes

Might cause irritation

Dandruff and itchiness

Plain and basic formulations

+30 minute for full absorption

Impossible to style your hair

Follixil Unique Formulation

Extra recipe empowering ingredients.

No dandruff or itchiness

EXTRA biotin, caffeine and niacinamide

MAX 1 minute fully absorbed

Simple hair styling post-application