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Silicone Scalp and Beard Massager

$9.95 USD

Suitable for both scalp and beard.

The lotion absorbs faster and is easier to apply to the skin than the foam.

90 DAYS GUARANTEE The hair loss process takes longer than 30 days, so should the guarantees.

Product description

  • Ultra-soft Silicone Hairbrush - Professional head massage experience at your home.

  • Gentle Massager Tool - It strengthens hair roots to prevent hair loss, increases scalp and beard blood circulation, and promotes hair growth.

  • Head and Beard’s Favorite - Gentle spikes effectively scrub the scalp without scratching.

  • Innovative Usage - The easy-grip hold for comfortable control and the manual operation helps adjusting the intensity you like.

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Silicone Scalp and Beard Massager

$9.95 USD

Extra features:

Soft Silicone

Soft enough to offer a gentle massage but tough enough to stimulate the skin.

Exfoliation and Vasodilatation

It improves the exfoliation and increases the product absorption.

Shower or Treatment

It can be used during shampooing or after lotion application.