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Hair Loss/ Thinning ABC

The main issue that causes hair loss and hair thinning.

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), also known as Androgenic Alopecia, is the most common form of Alopecia. 

3 out of 4 males will encounter it by the age of 50.

Hair Loss is caused by Converting Free Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with the help of the 5-Alpha Reductase Receptor.

Your body will do that naturally around age 20-25 (could happen sooner or later).

The DHT places itself beneath your scalp as sediment, blocking the blood nourishment to the follicles.

This is the main reason why Men have Hair Loss, and Women have Hair Thinning.

The Hair Stages

100% Laboratory Tested

Anagen (Growth stage)

Nourishing of hair follicles via blood supply enables hair growth.

Not Tested On Animals

Catagen (Transition Stage)

Hair follicle detaches from the nourishing blood supply.

Natural Ingredients

Telogen (resting Stage)

Without nourishment, the hair dies and falls out.

The Follicle Miniturization

Healthy Hair Life Cycle

Our scalp hair at any time is 85% Anagen, 11-14% Catagen and 1-4% Telogen stage. This process is called the "Hair Cycle" and usually lasts between 2-7 years.

80-120 hair shafts falling a day is perfectly normal!

Side-Effects of DHT

Because of the DHT sediments mentioned above, your hair will slowly but surely increase the % and time spent in the Catagen Stage.

DHT will reduce the time of the Hair Cycle, and Follicle Miniaturization will appear.

The Good News

Hair Loss/ Thinning is entirely preventive for 98% of the 
cases of Androgenic Alopecia.

Notice and Act!

When you see some falling hair shafts in the shower or on the pillow, realize that you most likely have MPB. 
How to identify
Do the Shower Test:
1) Go to shower, and wet your hair;
2) Take your hand through the hair to grab as many fallen hair shafts as possible;
3) Bundle them in a big pile on a white surface;
4) Analyze the shafts; if you see different colors and thicknesses, you have MPB.

*If you're not sure, see a doctor.

Invest in your Education!

Your Education in this field is CRUCIAL.
Otherwise, you will get scammed by "magic" products and hair loss cliniques for eternity, and you will lose all your hair.
For you to repair a car, you must know what's broken.
This is why we put together our Follicle Booster Academy Courses, 90-120mins, and you are your expert.

Choose the Right Treatments for YOU!

After you Noticed, Acted, and Educated yourself, you must choose the suitable treatments, devices, and routines for you to follow.
First-line treatments:
Minoxidil, finasteride, micro-needling, active massages (Follicle Booster scalp workout), and active shampoo.
Second-line treatments:
Laser therapy, PRP, autologous micrografting, ketoconazole and natural remedies.

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