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Beard Filler & Styling Pen

$14.95 USD

Suitable for both scalp and beard.

The lotion absorbs faster and is easier to apply to the skin than the foam.

90 DAYS GUARANTEE The hair loss process takes longer than 30 days, so should the guarantees.


Product description

Our Beard Pen will match the beard and hair color and will leave you looking confident! 

The Brush comes as the Perfect Pair, helping you to define a new appearance completely.

  • 🧔 CONTOURED BEARD - Our Beard Pen will help you get the best form of the beard and its perfectly contoured appearance; a patchy beard will no longer be a problem.
  • 🤩 NATURAL LOOK - Our pencil filler is designed to restore all the gaps in the beard, giving your restored beard a natural and fresh look.
  • CONFIDENCE IS POWER - Our Pen Beard has color variations to match hair color entirely. Its soft pencil is suitable for different types of beards, offering a professional experience
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Beard Filler & Styling Pen

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