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What are the Hair Loss Stages, and how to spot them?

What are the Hair Loss Stages, and how to spot them? Experiencing hair shedding/hair loss is not new to most people. It's something that you deal with every day. However, finding ways to treat it will make a huge difference, not only to your crowning glory but also to your self-wellness. To start with, you need to be aware of the various stages of hair, so you'll know what remedies or treatments are necessary. 

Hair Loss Stages

What are the different stages of Hair Loss in men?

As per the Norwood Scale. Hair Loss has seven stages. It determines the pattern and hair loss situation. Each set has specific recommendations or remedies that you can use.

Stage 1

There is no apparent hair loss or recession of the hairline. For male pattern baldness patients, there will still be hair with little to no signs of hair loss.'

Stage 2

In this stage, a little difference is noticeable such as hair recession around the temples. This is more common in older males and has lesser occurrence in females.

Stage 3

Hair loss is much more noticeable in this stage, in which hair around the temples typically forms a U, V, or M shape. Some spots are noticeably bald or covered spare hair.

Stage 4

There is still a small section of hair between the receding hairline and the balding crown. However, this strip of hair is much thinner than in the previous stage. It is more severe than stage 2, where no hair can be seen on the vertex. 

Stage 5- 7

You will need a hair transplant to cover the patches.

 Hair transplant

What are the different stages of Hair Loss in women?

 1) Detect in which stage you're in

2) Notice the areas where your hair thins faster.

3) Decide on what treatment you should follow

4) In Stage 1, you can use natural remedies and serums.

• In Stage 2, you need to use Minoxidil 2% or 5%.

• Stage 3 you need a hair transplant to cover the patches.

Hair Loss Stages is an application that helps consumers to understand their hair cycle. By understanding the healing and loss process, people can better manage their hair loss to reduce stress and head in the right direction toward perfecting their looks. Time becomes less of an enemy when it's accounted for in your hair loss plan.

Hair loss is not a permanent state. As your hair follicles get older and thinner, they lose their ability to produce new hair. There are several stages of hair loss, and each step has its unique characteristics. Understanding these stages can help you choose the best treatment option for you at that specific time.

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