Our Guarantees

Quality Guarantee

FollicleBooster's products are the best in the business; we are 100% confident saying this because we put only premium materials like medical titanium, and aluminum for the Beard Growth Roller and Beard Pocked Comb. The beard growth juice and the beard soap are made from vegan, organic ingredients.

Performance Guarantee

Here at FollicleBooster LLC, we offer 90 days return policy so you can be sure that if the product doesn't work for you, I highly doubt this will be the case, you can return the product and we can offer the money back. As you can see in the photos with before&after and the difference is huge but the product needs time and to be used as we advise you to do. You can watch more about how to properly use the product on our youtube channel where we have a full course about beards: https://tinyurl.com/yclp457m