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Women Vs. Hair Loss : Follixil (Minoxidil Treatment) - FDA Approved

"Sure, my life isn't perfect, but my hair is." You may have heard this self-loving quote a couple of times and might wonder what would happen if something happened to her hair. Will that end her world?

Follixil Hair Growth Lotion 2% For Women

Kidding aside, everybody wants at least good hair if given a chance. It is a kind of crown that a woman never takes off. And that's just some of the many reasons hair growth treatment holds a significant share of the global hair product industry. A study by Expert Market Research shows that "The global hair growth products market stood at a value of around USD 7.82 billion in 2021. The market is further expected to grow in the forecast period of 2023-2028 at a CAGR of 4.30%."

How Does Hair Loss Affect Women?

Treat Hair Loss in Women with Follixil Hair Growth Lotion 2%

Emotionally and physically devastating, to the extent that one questions her self-worth. It can happen to any part of the life stages in women. As a matter of fact, Dr. Shani Francis, also a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and director of the Hair Disorders Center of Excellence at Northshore University Health System in Illinois shared to Medical News Today (hyperlinked with: that telogen effluvium is much more common in women than men which is synonymous to typical 'shedding' that happens after childbirth in some women".

Follixil Hair Growth Lotion 2% For Women : Hair Loss Treatment

To undergo a series of women's life chapters isn't easy, not to mention the hormone fluctuations, medications, and even unstable emotions. And it takes a practical and accurate solution to help women against the battle of hair loss such as Follixil. So how can it help you with your hair loss / thinning problems? Below are the facts to consider :

  1. It contains 2% Minoxidil, Biotin, Capilia Longa and Niacinamide, which reduces the traditional Minoxidil side effects by 95%, thus keeping you focused on restoring your hair with safety and zero guilt.
  2. It maximizes the Anagen stage and boosts keratin production without adverse effects.
  3. Perfect bottle shape and pump type to achieve the precise Follixil dosage and maintain the efficacy of the treatment.
  4. It is FDA Approved and passed all the required tests and certifications ( MSDS, COA, FDA, HRIPT and ISO) to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

"I am using the 2% Follixill; what to do next?

We hate broken promises and we love product transparency. Your patience is highly-appreciated in the whole process of treating your hair loss. It is recommended to wait until 12 weeks from the day you started the application to notice improvements in hair density, texture, and growth as a whole. It is not a race but merely a course of action in restoring your crowning glory. 

Follixil Hair Growth Lotion 2% For Women : Before and After

Now, being aware of our daily activities and lifestyle is vital to achieving balanced and healthy hair growth. Undeniably, lots of hair loss myths may keep you from improving your current hair state. Don't stop learning and stay updated with the latest Hair Growth and Hair Loss courses by Follicle Booster and Follixil Inventor Tudor Tanase. Be in the loop and follow @thehairlossdude on IG and @folliclebooster on Youtube for more hair facts and helpful recommendations.

Follixil Hair Growth Lotion 2% For Women