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Why do men prefer to have a beard? Facts Revealed.


Did you know that according to statistics, 55% of the world’s total male population have a facial hair? And 33% of that belongs to America. This is just one of the many surprising realities why the beard is not just only for Vikings and hipsters. Growing a beard might be a daunting task to some men but with the right routine and complete beard growth kit, it is undeniably workable. Most men are awesomely living with beards for these reasons: 

1. Beard serves as protection or should we say as your survival shield: It doesn’t only protect us from extreme cold temperature but keep us protected from the danger of sun’s exposure. A study has shown from Radiation Protection Dosimetry that beard act as a natural sunscreen which eventually providing an absolute safeguard from UV rays which ranges approximately 50% up to 95%. It is a great factor to consider with Skin Cancer.

2. Beard practically saves your time - Who doesn’t want to ditch that razor away and just move on with their daily lives? You can’t simply deny the fact that there’s more fulfillment of having a Beard Growth Kit than wasting your time shaving it off daily and ending up having cuts, abrasions and rashes. Not just that, regular shaving could do more harm than good which in due course, will leave your skin dull, dry and infected.

3. Status and pride- Men with a beard looks more masculine and well-disciplined. As they say, a great beard comes with great responsibility and by that, women got more attracted to guys with a beard than those of clean-shaven ones. It is an earned reputation that makes a male more dominant in a respective way. 

For some, growing a beard has been a rewarding hobby. It makes you look good thus, it makes you damn feeling good. And for others that maintaining a beard might be a big battle to win, just don't forget that on-point grooming care, safe and natural products such as Follicle Booster Beard Growth Kit is a sure solution to your amazing beard journey.