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Pyrilutamide : Will this really cures Alopecia?

Alopecia  is a condition that causes hair loss in men and women. And this can make them feel devastated or deprived on the world that has to offer. With these issues, a lot of people, companies are seeking ways to solve hair loss problem such as Pyrilutamide. Though it is too early to conclude the efficacy and safety of this product for now, Kintor Pharma says that it may meet Alopecia’s endpoint just in no time. 

Hair LossPyrilutamide is set to be the next big thing in the fight against alopecia. Does pyrilutamide really cause hundreds of hair follicles to grow once again? The first clinical trials show promise but there are still many questions that need to be answered.  
What is Pyrilatumide?

 It  is a new, nonsteroidal antiandrogen topical medicine that competes directly with Dutasteride and Finasteride in fighting hair loss. It is in stage 2 trial in the USA and its phase 3 trial in China. 

 According to Wikepedia, “Pyrilutamide successfully completed phase II clinical trials in China and is currently in phase II clinical trials in the U.S for the potential treatment of androgenetic alopecia in males. It is currently in phase II clinical trials in China for the potential treatment of androgenetic alopecia in females. The drug is about to enter phase III clinical trials in China which will be conducted over 24 weeks across more than 20 sites in China with a sample size of 416.The primary endpoint is the change from baseline in non-vellus target area hair count at the end of week 24. The drug will be dosed at 10mg (0.5% BID) per patient per day in the trial which is expected to start in Q1 2022.”

With its clinical trials, what is the common side effects of Pyrilatumide?

As of the moment, common adverse effect include contact dermatitis but nonetheless, the medicine is highly tolerable.

So far, how Pyrilutamide distinct to Dutasteride and Finasteride?

Aside from it is highly tolerable, it is reported that Pyrilutamide has a local absorption effect to the area of application. For example, if you use it in treating the are where hair loss is evident, it only take effect that specific area and not on the whole body. Especially for women, using Pyrilutamide will help you in restoring your hair while not growing beard.

What treatments options I can try while Pyrilutamide is not yet proven to treat hair loss?


There are number of hair loss breakthroughs that are proven safe and effective like Follixil. It is the revolutionized Minoxidil treatment that has Biotin, Niacinamide, Caffeine, and Glycerin. It reduces the common side affects such as dandruff, irritation, itchiness, and redness through its magic formula. 

Misconceptions and frustration towards hair loss is common. It is advisable to seek professional help and personal opinion with trustworthy people who have real experience towards hair restoration treatment like @thehairlossdude.

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