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Derma Rolling for Hair Growth and Beard Care - Everything You Need to Know

Hair loss treatment involves several tools, procedures, and medications for you to choose from. Depending on your needs and the severity of the hair issues, derma rolling is an excellent option to solve your hair and beard problems. 

What is Derma Rolling?

 derma rolling

Initially used in skincare, derma rolling is a tool with microneedles, a non-invasive skin treatment. It has become famous over the years because of its accessibility and efficacy. It is a commonly recommended process by dermatologists and later recognized as done at home with little training. Surprisingly, derma rollers are beneficial for hair loss and poor beard growth.

According to NCBI, Important milestones in the development of micro-needling are as follows:

  • 1995-Orentreich and Orentreich described subcision or dermal needling for scars
  • 1997-Camirand, and Doucet told needle dermabrasion using a "tattoo pistol" to treat scars
  • 2006-Fernandes developed percutaneous collagen induction therapy with the derma roller

 Beard Derma Roller / Follicle Booster Titanium Roller

derma roller

This tool will stimulate the beard follicles by maximizing the beard serum absorption and improving keratin production. It's sterilized under UV light to ensure its protection and safety. It is made of 540 Titanium Needles with a total length of 0.25mm.

How to Use a Derma Roller?

derma roller

Following the correct process in using a derma roller tool is essential to ensure that the skin will not experience any adverse or harmful effects. Check the following steps in using a derma roller.

  1. Cleanse your skin and make sure that the area is not wounded. 
  2. Be sure to clean the derma roller and sanitize it with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Select the best needle length for your requirement. A total length of 0.25mm is recommended for the scalp.
  4. Roll the derma roller over your skin vertically, horizontally, and in diagonal directions. Apply gentle pressure to the skin/scalp while rolling in multiple times.
  5. Apply a Follixil Foam / Lotion ( 5% concentration for men and 2% concentration for women). 
  6. Make sure to disinfect your derms roller. Please keep it in a cold, dry place, away from children and pets.  

What are the benefits of Derma Roller?

derma roller

  1. Derma roller stimulates the production of keratin and collagen, which encourages hair growth and beard growth.
  2. It breaks down scar tissue and regenerates healthy skin cells. 
  3. It helps improve the absorption of hair growth serum for the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. This increases its efficacy.
  4. It improves blood circulation around the scalp. 

Most of the time, treating hair loss is quite overwhelming. It is even totally normal if you feel like you need clarification about the many options available in the market today. We're here to help and make things lighter. Many valuable sources are available online to guide you through, such as Hair Loss and Beard Growth courses by Tudor Tanase ( Follicle Booster and Follixil Founder and CEO) and FREE instructional videos on Youtube. Catch up with the latest trend in hair regrowth tips with @thehairlossdude IG.