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Beards and Relationships

Do you agree that beards are more appealing than clean‐shaven faces? There’s this never-ending debate whether bearded men are doing better connections with women than those who are razor dependent ones. Well, not until a study by B. J. W. Dixson D. Sulikowski : The masculinity Paradox, concluded that men with a beard have a high rate of attractiveness where the female is the judge. What more can we say?

Let’s face it, beard is the new abs. All of a sudden, products such as beard growth kit just went out as a trend in this modern age when in fact it’s already had its reputation for hundreds of years. You can’t simply deny its chain effect especially on how it plays an essential role between a couple. Here are the surprising reasons why keeping a beard is the best choice:

  •  Effort: Whether it’s stubble or full facial hair, it requires persistent grooming and care which you can readily get from beard growth kit. Proper routine and hygiene practice good self-discipline which reflects a person’s commitment to maintaining a healthy relationship. If someone could give their precious time in taking care of their awesome beard, then what’s the reason why they can’t take care of their partners?
  • Confidence: According to a new study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology (as mentioned above), facial hair is a plus point when it comes to romantic interests. It’s natural, it’s sexy. Boosting your self-esteem is a person’s great key to show that he is capable in keeping a good harmony and balance with his/ her better half. It also prevents insecurities from settling in. 
  • Pride- It’s something to be proud of. It’s a result of great patience and hard work. When someone takes pride in something, he’ll do everything to keep it. Bearded men are adaptive which is beneficial to keep a relationship lasts.
  • Freedom - Male are dominant in nature yet being bearded gives them a new way to express their selves. It allows others to connect with them genuinely. Liberty and self-understanding come first for a relationship to survive.

It is not a mystery that growing facial hair is not only the best but also a healthy choice. Being bearded is proven to be a better life partner! And with great products such as beard growth kit, we’re sure that someone is not left behind to get that dream-beard and dream-spouse at the same time!