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8 Hair Loss Myths ( Don’t Fall for These Traps! )

We hear you. You are looking for the real causes of hair loss and not just made-up stories and myths about it. Most of the time, the actual solution to hair problems is being delayed due to misconception on the hair growth itself. Yes, regrowing your hair takes a lot of patience but don’t forget, the real key is concrete knowledge such as Hair Loss and Hair Growth courses.

The below are some of the common hair myths that must be debunked.

Wearing hats regularly makes you bald

There’s no need to ditch your Gucci cap. First of all, hats are mainly-designed to protect your head from various environmental conditions. It also serves as your shield from harmful elements that could irritate your hair and scalp. However, wearing hats is not advisable especially when you have an existing scalp or hair issue as it could trap bacteria which leads to skin infection. Keep your hats clean and in well- hygiene.

Stress speeds up hair shedding


Though stress is a contributing factor,  there is no proven study that it hasten up hair loss. Your body will eventually cope up with the stress episodes. However, the reaction towards the stress eventually affects the hair loss stage such as poor nutrition, not enough water intake and even unhealthy lifestyle.

Spicy Foods cause patchy scalp

Capsaicin, the spicy element in chili peppers, can trigger vanilloid receptors in hair follicles and may boost hair growth.

Sun Exposure

Though there are many reasons to avoid sun exposure especially in increasing temperature, hair loss is none of them. Yes, it can make your hair follicle dry and brittle for some time but it does not affect the hair growth itself. 

 A single removal of gray hair could lead to shedding 

When to have a gray hair is determined genetically, so pulling it off doesn’t lead to hair loss. 

Hair Loss is only for Adults 

Unfortunately, it may occur before 20’s though reversing baldness is much more likely achievable in this age group. 

Excessive Testosterone 


High testosterone circulating over your head has nothing to do with hair loss but increase in DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) - hormone level does affect your hair growth. 

Coconut oil and castor oil treat hair loss  

Both have their benefits when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth and treating dry scalp issues. They can even help prevent dandruff and other scalp infections if used correctly. However, they do not contain any ingredients that can actually promote hair growth by themselves.

Hair growth myths like this are common because they seem so logical: If something works on your skin or in your garden, why wouldn't it work on your body? The truth is that most people don't understand how their body works or how certain substances interact with it in order to produce results.

So what does work when it comes to growing new strands of hair? There are So what does work when it comes to growing new strands of hair? Several natural treatments can help stimulate new growth, including Follixil Minoxidil, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.  

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