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6 Common Mistakes when Growing a Beard ( And how to avoid them!)

It is usual for men to get overwhelmed when growing a beard. When it comes to developing facial hair, you can use a million tips and tricks. But not all of them are right for you. While growing a beard is easy and straightforward, tiny things make the whole process more complicated than you thought.

If you're looking to grow a beard, here are some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to growing out their facial hair.

You are not washing your face.

wash your face

This is a big one that most guys only realize they're doing once they start growing facial hair.

Not washing your face can be detrimental to proper beard growth because it causes your pores to clog up with oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities.
When these things build up on your face, they block the follicles from producing new hairs from the root level up. This is why many men who stop washing their faces after several weeks see no further growth in their beards.

Not trimming your neckline.

neckline trimming

If you have a long beard, chances are that your neckline will start to get bushy. This may seem reasonable, but it makes your beard look messy and unkempt. You may opt for a shorter neckline instead of letting it grow out too much. Trimming the neckline will also prevent ingrown hairs from forming around the hairline because they'll be easier to manage in this case.

Using the wrong products.

Men who want to grow a beard often need to use the right products. They use shampoo on their face instead of beard wash and conditioner. They use conditioner on their face instead of beard oil or balm.

Not using a brush.

Brushing your beard is a must if you want it to look good. Brushing makes the hair stand up and look thicker than it really is. It also helps distribute the oil evenly through your facial hair, making it soft and shiny.

Using too much product in general.

Beard oil and other beard care products can be excellent for keeping your facial hair healthy, but they can also have a tendency to weigh down your facial hair and leave it looking greasy and dirty if you use too much of them at once (or even worse, every day). If you notice that your beard feels greasy after using any product, try using less next time or washing it with shampoo instead of conditioner if that's what you used previously.

Growing A Patchy Beard

You may have heard of the term "patchy beard" before, and you may grow one if you don't take good care of your facial hair. Patchy beards are usually caused by underlying conditions such as low testosterone levels, poor diet, illness, etc., so you must treat these issues before they become too severe and prevent you from growing a full-fledged beard altogether.

Growing a beard needs a lot of patience, effort, timing, and product. When the above seems not working, opting for a Minoxidil such as Follixil treatment might give you a good break. It is FDA-approved, which gently helps in regrowing facial hair.