Precautions are often disregarded when it comes to following a designated course of action. Failures in growing a beard are something that you must not be ashamed of but to learn from. Sooner or later, neglecting important points along the hair growth process can make problems arise. Debugging myths, proper care and adapting mindset are great ways to start kicking off these usual beard-growing faults.

1. Sticking to old-same-routine – Bear growing is not an easy task for everyone. You should alter your beard rituals as necessary. Cleansing and hydrating are not enough. Include a beard oil/ serum for a moisturized, well-defined and healthier beard. If you are hesitant to mix-up the brands that you are currently using, switching to an all-in-one package like a beard growth kit is a good start to review and renew your beard care cycle. 

2. Too lazy to brush- “100 brushes a day ultimately makes your hair grow stronger and longer” quite a big work, isn’t it? Well, it’s not just all about the grooming and styling. Combing your hair inhibits locking and drying. It also shed away the dead hair that is mostly caused by the tangles. And most especially, it gives an improvement of blood circulation within.  Beard growth kits nowadays do contain the perfect and most handy comb to keep you on-the-go. 

3. Trimming so soon- Just as the hair, beard trimming beliefs do exists. Frequent cutting doesn’t produce thicker and fuller hair. It will just postpone the current growth and eventually loses the stability that results in a dull appearance.

4. Harsh blow-drying- Constant exposure to hot air will diminish hair’s softness. It will lead to brittleness and dryness which cause breakage and skin irritation. And of course, we don’t want that nasty beard dandruff to take over.

5. Unmatched beard choice - Know your face shape. It’s a must. An awesome beard is achievable through a balanced look. You can style it as you like as long as you’re comfortable with the outcome. We recommend asking someone who knows beard styling according to face contour if you’re still in the beginning stage of growing a beard. Otherwise, you can easily check online resources for you to get started. 

Behind awesome beards are persistent gentlemen. A combination of patience and amazing product such as beard growth kits increase the potential of reaching that beard of your dreams.