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10 Surprising Facts about Minoxidil ( that you wish you knew earlier)

Like any other condition, hair loss treatment involves various research and discoveries that could benefit the patients. Restoring hair is not easy, but with the right knowledge and proper treatment, such as Minoxidil, regrowing your hair is truly doable. 

Let’s look at Minoxidil facts that you wish you had known before.

FDA approved Minoxidil to treat male pattern baldness ( Androgenic Alopecia) in the year 2006

Originally, Minoxidil was developed as a treatment for high blood pressure but later discovered that hair growth is one of its side effects. This led to hair loss treatment innovation. Since then, millions and millions of people worldwide have been using the medication to treat hair loss.

It is highly-sensitive medicine.


Because of its sensitivity, Minoxidil can’t be easily combined with other raw materials. Otherwise, The metabolization process won’t take place. It is necessary to evaluate the concentration of the Medicine to ensure its efficacy.

 It has to go through a metabolization process at the scalp level.


This process is called Sulfotransferase ( as per Wikipedia, Sulfotransferases are transferase enzymes that catalyze the transfer of a sulfo group from a donor molecule to an acceptor alcohol or amine. The most common sulfo group donor is 3'-phosphoadenosine-5'-phosphosulfate. In the case of alcohol as acceptor, the product is a sulfate. In contrast, an amine leads to a sulfamate) which will improve the efficacy and vasodilation of your capillaries which encourages hair growth.

Minoxidil has to be applied twice a day ( in the morning and at night)


This keeps the vasodilation process in the scalp area for the entire day, thus increasing its performance and effectiveness.

It has local absorption.

Local Absorption - Minoxidil

Study shows that when Minoxidil is applied to the scalp, it is locally absorbed in the areas and focuses on where hair needs to be restored. It will not go into systemic absorption or the rest of your body through the bloodstream. You will not be worrying about the other areas to be affected while treating those portions with bald spots, especially for women who don’t want to increase hair growth on different body parts, such as armpits and upper lip. 

Your liver metabolizes Minoxidil.

Minoxidil being metabolized by the liver.

It is not uncommon for any drug to be metabolized by the liver, such as Minoxidil. It is metabolized to its active form, minoxidil sulfate by the enzyme sulfotransferase, which increases the vasodilation in your capillaries.

It comes in lotion and foam options.


Both forms are being topically applied to the scalp. It can be used by both men and women who suffer from pattern baldness or hair loss. The main difference between the two forms is how they are applied. The foam spreads quickly, while the lotion may take some time. Both are generally well-tolerated but cannot be used by pregnant and lactating women. 

 Minoxidil is the no. 1 most used treatment for Hair Growth.

It is an OTC drug/treatment that can be efficiently utilized without harmful side effects.

In 2022, Minoxidil hit a 1 billion market share in the revenue.


There has been an increasing demand for hair loss treatments, and Minoxidil has proven its safety and efficiency over the years. 

Millions of customers have been using it without knowing how it exactly works.

Due to its increasing demand, people are opting the Minoxidil, and with extensive research ad studies, it has been discovered for vasodilation and fenestration of the capillaries and ATP-sensitive potassium channel openers.

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